Vedanta Desika “The Peerless Poet – Preceptor” Paperback


The influence of the 13th century preceptor on Dushyanth Sridhar is evident in this colourful volume, released on Jan 1, 2020 Vedanta Desika — The Peerless Poet-Preceptor, a coffee-table book, released to mark his 750th birth year.

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Vedanta Desika book is a visual treat with pictures — of places and temples — and illustrations — of the important episodes from the life of Sri Vedanta Desika, considered an incarnation of the Ghanta (bell) of Sri Venkatesa of Tirumala.

Author’s narration in a lucid flow takes the readers through the journey of one of the most venerated saints and prolific composers. It has been divided into five sections to dwell at length on each facet of Desika’s personality. The style reflects a facility acquired from osmosis — absorbing Desika for many years. “Desika was accepted by followers of other philosophies — Dvaita and Advaita — shows his greatness,” observes author Dushyanth. Appayya Dikshitar, renowned Advaita scholar and composer, was a close friend of Desika. So was Vidyaranya Tirtha of Sringeri. “When there was a debate on the meaning of Tatvamasi between Akshobhya Tirthar (dvaita) and Vidyaranya Tirthar, they chose Vedanta Desika as the judge.


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